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Tipple+Rose Nanowrimo Write-in Write Up: Nov 9th

Tea: Lemongrass Word Count: 3048 Writing on the phone means WAY more table space. Win! Finally back at Tipple+Rose Tea Parlor & Apothecary and it feels so good! I'd like to say that I hit the ground running, but I did not. It was my first day back at Tipple+Rose in a year, so after… Continue reading Tipple+Rose Nanowrimo Write-in Write Up: Nov 9th

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Webcomics I’ve Read: Princess Love ♥ Pon by Shauna J. Grant

Comic: Princess Love ♥ Pon Creator: Shauna J. Grant Site: Status: Ongoing Buy them a coffee! Summary on website: Lia Sagamore is your average high school student worried about the future... Until one day she's given the chance to become someone magical! Being a magical girl is better than real life... right? Princess Love… Continue reading Webcomics I’ve Read: Princess Love ♥ Pon by Shauna J. Grant

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Write-in Write Up: Nov 2nd

Words Written: 1687 *** And we're back! As you can tell from the layout pic, there's been a bit of a snafu in my usual weekly Tipple+Rose November festivities. The actual establishment is hosting write-ins this year as opposed to a NaNo participant. Which is great because everyone's lives seem to be kinda hectic right… Continue reading Write-in Write Up: Nov 2nd

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#NaNoApproaches: Contradictory Advice Edition

As I post this, we are days away from November. And if you've had the pleasure of perusing my previous posts, you'll know that November is National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short. I love NaNoWriMo and this'll be be my 7th year participating, and because I love it, I love to talk about it,… Continue reading #NaNoApproaches: Contradictory Advice Edition