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Remember to…

Remember to dance from time to time

Remember to hydrate more than twice a day

Remember to be kind to yourself

Remember to floss

Remember to dream of a sweeter tomorrow

Remember to do your laundry once a week

Remember to catch the light of the stars in your hands

Remember to check your email

Remember to weep for all you have forgotten and all you will remember

Remember to eat breakfast

Remember to rest

Remember to rest, please.

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A Discomfort

I was told to expect pain:
cramps, bruising, nausea, the works

I was told to expect pain & discomfort

I told them I’d take it all,
if it meant
giving the rest away

When their work was done
I lay down exhausted and spent

But what little I felt
was nothing

I had years of pain
excruciating, vomit-inducing pain

This didn’t even register enough to be
a discomfort

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Winter Dreams Approaching

Gather the frost that rests upon the last of Autumn’s leaves
Gather it in a bowl of cedar painted with the ashes of last year’s fallen leaves

When the bowl is full, bring it to the child who rests at the gate
When they taste it they will say it tastes the way snow sounds when tread underfoot

Do not go through the gate, wait
What you seek will come to you