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Finally watched “The Tick”. It was as delightful as I expected.

So The Tick is out on amazon Prime Video. I remember when it was first announced and how I thought: ‘this alone makes Amazon Prime completely worth it’. Please keep in mind that at that time I couldn’t for the life of me remember anything about the premise of The Tick. I remembered watching the show. I’d see gifs from the cartoon and remember seeing the scenes. I’d remember I enjoyed watching it. Couldn’t tell you anything about it other than the fact that it existed.

I didn’t even know it was based on a comic, but in hindsight that does seem somewhat obvious. Putting my lack of anything other than vague positive feelings for the franchise aside, I finally watched the new Amazon series. Putting my vague positive feelings back at the forefront, I went in expecting to find the show delightful.

I was right. I found the show delightful.

The original creator of The Tick, Ben Edlund, is a producer and writer on the show. In the Behind The Scenes featurette available with the series on Amazon Prime, Ben Edlund talks about The Tick as a riff on superheroes and superhero stories and how when you’re a fan of those stories, you can make fun of them while genuinely enjoying them. This definitely shows through in this new series which feels less like a super hero parody and more like a superhero comedy (but I suppose one must sometimes blur those lines at times to effectively blend comedy with another genre).

Personally, I like archetypes. I love tropes. They’re fun. It’s like each genre comes with a heck of a bunch of writing prompts built in. It’s fun to see what people do with it. The Tick fills its universe with a lot of people and situations we’ve seen before but it makes it feel new again by having them act like… people who’ve watched a heck of a lot of superhero content before.

It’s hard to describe. Are the characters genre savvy? Yes. But it’s not just that. It’s like the show was made with the assumption that YOU’RE genre savvy but was made to be enjoyed by those who aren’t as well.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to explain it better, but I will say it felt familiar and positive while still being tongue-in-cheek & gory at times.

Of course, when you have a world this outrageous, you need someone who’s a bit more grounded and in that we have Arthur.

I have no idea what aspects of his story might be considered spoilers so I’ll try to be semi-vague.

I found myself getting so stressed/semi-pissed on his behalf. Dude’s got PTSD & is gaslit by the whole damn world. It gets to the point that the first person to validate his beliefs? He thinks he must be hallucinating him. Griffin Newman plays Arthur, and he is a pleasure to watch. He plays “f*ck this shit, I’m out” quite beautifully. Plus, I really like his hair? Shout out to the hair department.

I love Goat and his mother. I smiled anytime I saw his mom on screen. Goat’s actor, Kahlil Ashanti, is a marvelous performer and I do hope to see more of him in the second season.

The character, The Tick is fun, Arthur is adorable & heartbreakingly relatable, Overkill was a surprise fave for me, Ms. Lint was magnificent, and of course ya got Alan Tudyk as a sentient boat.

Ms. Lint is played by Lara Martinez. She plays Rafael’s sister on Jane the Virgin. I’m just telling y’all because I saw her, loved her, & could not remember where I knew her from. Saving anyone else the brain itch.

Overkill & Ms. Lint, did they have scenes together? No. Did they have great chemistry? Yes.

Watch The Tick. It’s fun, kinda hopeful, & I await season two with great anticipation.

The Tick is available on Amazon Prime. Season 2 premieres February 23rd.


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#RenaissanceInColor & #StayCrossed

On Memorial Day, the MUCH anticipated Shondaland production, Still Star-Crossed, premiered.

I loved it, it was amazing, you should watch it.

This show is so up my alley. I was hooked before I saw a single second of it & it did not disappoint.

Lots of people of color
Gorgeous period costumes
Shakespeare fanfiction
Based on a book
Gorgeous visuals
Tropey as heck
Beautiful dark skinned black woman protag

I could go on.

Nerding out in twitter live tweets are a fave past time of mine but doing so with the Black Girl Nerds (BGN) community with this show? A whole ‘nother level of wonderful (check out the BGN episode 1 recap when you get the chance).

And the cherry on top of this overflowing sundae of beauty & wonder is the incomparable SourceDuMal started the #RenaissanceInColor hashtag because y’all NEED to know how true to life this show’s visuals are & we are happy to show you.

And remember, it’s RenFaire season.  If you’re a person of color and never attended one, it’s a great time to start and add some pics to one of my fave new hashtags.

And if you have the pleasure of catching Still Star-Crossed Monday nights at 10pm, you can catch me on twitter using #StayCrossed with one of my favorite nerd communities.

It is going to be a delightful summer.


Still Star-Crossed airs Mondays at 10pm eastern time on ABC


Stories & ‘Need a Break’ Moments

Sometimes a story will affect me so strongly that I’ll have to step away from it for a while.

Sometimes, there’s just a moment or a scene in the book I’m reading or show I’m watching and I’ll just need a few moments to process before I start it up again. This tends to happen a lot when I suffer from second hand embarrassment or if something outrageous happens that I did NOT see coming.

The most extreme example: I had to stop watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, no second hand embarrassment, the characters just really affect me. My reaction was so intense, I needed two years to get back to it.

Do y’all suffer any notable ‘need a break’ moments in stories you read or watch?

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Sailor Moon R The Movie is Getting a US Theatrical Release

Viz coming in with a much needed silver lining in this current cloud of gray that we call life.

First announced at Moonlight Party, Sailor Moon R The Movie, uncut and newly remastered, is getting a limited theatrical release in the US.

This limited engagement will also include the North American debut of the short, “Make Up! Sailor Guardians”.

I am beyond excited and this announcement could not have come at a better time for me. The film holds a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!