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#RenaissanceInColor & #StayCrossed

On Memorial Day, the MUCH anticipated Shondaland production, Still Star-Crossed, premiered.

I loved it, it was amazing, you should watch it.

This show is so up my alley. I was hooked before I saw a single second of it & it did not disappoint.

Lots of people of color
Gorgeous period costumes
Shakespeare fanfiction
Based on a book
Gorgeous visuals
Tropey as heck
Beautiful dark skinned black woman protag

I could go on.

Nerding out in twitter live tweets are a fave past time of mine but doing so with the Black Girl Nerds (BGN) community with this show? A whole ‘nother level of wonderful (check out the BGN episode 1 recap when you get the chance).

And the cherry on top of this overflowing sundae of beauty & wonder is the incomparable SourceDuMal started the #RenaissanceInColor hashtag because y’all NEED to know how true to life this show’s visuals are & we are happy to show you.

And remember, it’s RenFaire season.  If you’re a person of color and never attended one, it’s a great time to start and add some pics to one of my fave new hashtags.

And if you have the pleasure of catching Still Star-Crossed Monday nights at 10pm, you can catch me on twitter using #StayCrossed with one of my favorite nerd communities.

It is going to be a delightful summer.


Still Star-Crossed airs Mondays at 10pm eastern time on ABC


Stories & ‘Need a Break’ Moments

Sometimes a story will affect me so strongly that I’ll have to step away from it for a while.

Sometimes, there’s just a moment or a scene in the book I’m reading or show I’m watching and I’ll just need a few moments to process before I start it up again. This tends to happen a lot when I suffer from second hand embarrassment or if something outrageous happens that I did NOT see coming.

The most extreme example: I had to stop watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, no second hand embarrassment, the characters just really affect me. My reaction was so intense, I needed two years to get back to it.

Do y’all suffer any notable ‘need a break’ moments in stories you read or watch?

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Sailor Moon R The Movie is Getting a US Theatrical Release

Viz coming in with a much needed silver lining in this current cloud of gray that we call life.

First announced at Moonlight Party, Sailor Moon R The Movie, uncut and newly remastered, is getting a limited theatrical release in the US.

This limited engagement will also include the North American debut of the short, “Make Up! Sailor Guardians”.

I am beyond excited and this announcement could not have come at a better time for me. The film holds a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!