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Queer as in f*ck you

It has been our community for decades Two years less than that is all it took gatekeepers to poison people's minds with twisted words & hidden rhetoric and have OUR community swarm US & tell us our identity is an offense You need to stop this evil nonsense now because I & others like me will not… Continue reading Queer as in f*ck you

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#RenaissanceInColor & #StayCrossed

On Memorial Day, the MUCH anticipated Shondaland production, Still Star-Crossed, premiered. I loved it, it was amazing, you should watch it. This show is so up my alley. I was hooked before I saw a single second of it & it did not disappoint. Lots of people of color Gorgeous period costumes Shakespeare fanfiction Based… Continue reading #RenaissanceInColor & #StayCrossed