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Tipple+Rose Nanowrimo Write-in Write Up: Nov 15th

Tea: Lady Londonderry
Word Count: 3414

My general table set up.


Guess who was 15 minutes early this time?! All the time that’s usually eaten up by getting ready and ordering was not a problem! I used the bathroom and ordered my tea and I was already seated and writing by 6:25pm. That’s what I love about being early.


Lady Londonderry tea


I wanted to try a new tea this go around, so I went with the Lady Londonderry, it’s 7 on the Tipple+Rose fall/winter tea menu. My feelings on this tea were a bit ambiguous at first. It’s a black tea, but the taste was nowhere near as fruity as I was hoping with the strawberry and lemon in it. It’s primary taste was reminiscent of the aftertaste I usually have when I drink unsweetened hot teas, which was surprising to me.



I had to sweeten the tea a bit more than usual, but only a bit. Although unexpected, the tea’s taste was overall pleasant. It had a lightness to it that I don’t usually get with black teas and it lacked any distinctive aftertaste of its own, which I prefer with black teas.



“Only Ladies, who’ve written 1500 words, eat scones”

My mantra for the day.

I told myself I would buy a pastry once I hit 1500 and the great thing is that once I hit 1500 words, I was well into a good run so I actually didn’t buy the scone until I was around 1800-1900 words.

I got the Cornbread Brown Sugar Scone with clotted cream again. As delectable as the last time.

Had a huge bandage on my neck so I wore a turtleneck. My neck kept getting irritated and was a bit of a distraction at times 😦

I guess it’s finally turtleneck season.


There were a few stops and starts in my writing, mostly just moments where I would stop typing for no reason. This happens to me all the time but I always especially notice it when I get into a good writing streak. I persevered and increased my word count from last week. Plus Tipple+Rose gave discounts to people who came to the write-in the week before! Gonna try and get there early next week, being early was a MAJOR help this week.

Over all, it was a successful evening and, as always, I look forward to my next Tipple+Rose visit.

Write on, Wrimos!


The Smell of Cold

I freakin’ love that cold smell.

When I was little, I thought it was the smell of the freezer, you open your freezer and the cold hits your face, and it’s pleasant and smells like what freezers smell like.

Then I got older and started taking allergy medications, so all of a sudden I could smell better.

So now I’m outside in the winter and there’s the smell. Just as delicious as when I was a kid but now it’s just …everywhere.

Needless to say, this is one of the many reasons I’m looking forward to the cold months.

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Sailor Moon R The Movie is Getting a US Theatrical Release

Viz coming in with a much needed silver lining in this current cloud of gray that we call life.

First announced at Moonlight Party, Sailor Moon R The Movie, uncut and newly remastered, is getting a limited theatrical release in the US.

This limited engagement will also include the North American debut of the short, “Make Up! Sailor Guardians”.

I am beyond excited and this announcement could not have come at a better time for me. The film holds a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!



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Tipple+Rose Nanowrimo Write-in Write Up: Nov 8th

Tea: Ginger Peach
Word Count: 3007


Well, last week I was half an hour late but this week I was only ten minutes late! I would have been 15 minutes early but I’d forgotten my earbuds at home and I NEED my music at write-ins so a quick stop at Urban Outfitters for these sweet, sweet new wireless earbuds.


Park visits are gonna be so much more tranquil now.

I accidentally ended up starting a new writing playlist at the beginning of the write-in, it took up a lot less time than getting the earbuds to connect to my laptop, I’ll tell you that much. But I made up for it by being a lot quicker with my order this week.

I’ve had the ginger peach tea before and it’s become a favorite and a staple for my Tipple+Rose visits. I went straight for it since I didn’t want to lose more writing time than I already would.

T+R’s Ginger Peach is a flavored black tea so I could have had cream in it but I decided against it. Couldn’t afford to waste precious moments on stirring in cream (it’s a lot more involved for me than one might think).

As you can see, I also got pastries this go around! At first, I ordered the cornbread brown sugar scone with clotted cream. It was heavenly! I was seriously craving a second one so I made a deal with myself to type in earnest for an hour and then I could order another. I got about 1500 words in with that appetizing incentive.

In the end, I got the cheesecake instead of a second scone. It was a delicious classic cheesecake and very easy to eat while I worked. I had to pause every few minutes to take a bite or two of the scone; I needed to move the plate in front of my laptop. The cheesecake’s plate stayed in one place because I could move the fork across the table with no fear of spilling.

Writing went so smoothly this week! I’d finally hit my groove, plot-wise, the few days before the write-in so all the words came easily to me as opposed to last week where I made the words appear out of sheer force of will.

If I remember my earbuds next week, maybe I’ll actually be able to get there early enough to get in a full two and a half hours of writing. Although Tuesday’s become my main catch up day this Nano, Tipple+Rose has definitely made it a day I look forward to and not a day I stress over.

Write on, Wrimos!


Worlds of Puppetry Museum Grand Opening Photos

Throwback to November 2015 when the Center for Puppetry Arts had the grand opening for its Worlds of Puppetry Museum. It was marvelous and I’m FINALLY sharing my photos. It takes me a while to share photos but I get there eventually 😛

They have a lot of pieces for the museum, way more than they can display all at once, and they intend to switch pieces out yearly, so soon, many of the items you see here will be out of rotation for quite a while.

If you get a chance, I implore you to go, it is so worth it. They even have a new Labyrinth exhibit that’s open now through Sept 2017.

The Center for Puppetry Arts is located in Atlanta, GA.

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Tipple+Rose Nanowrimo Write-in Write Up: Nov 1st

Tipple+Rose Tea Parlor and Apothecary is one of my favorite parts of Nanowrimo.

For the second year in a row, weekly write-ins will be hosted there through the month of November. Every Tuesday this month, local wrimos will spend their evenings in this enchanting place, drinking tea, eating lots of delicious pastries, and of course, writing together.

Tipple+Rose is an amazing find, especially for those like me who are adverse to coffee. It has a cozy atmosphere, a selection of over 100 teas, and fresh pastries made in-house as well as great fare from local businesses. I adore this place and plan to be at every write-in hosted there this month.

So this is a write up of my experience at the first T+R write-in of the year!


Tea: Lemongrass (W23 in the T+R tea menu)
Words Written: 2008

I arrived late and was ecstatic to see so many people! There was a definite increase in attendance from last year. I set my stuff down, but of course before I started writing, I needed to pick my tea. In the end, after taking forever choosing, I settled on lemongrass. My throat had been hurting the past couple days and a hot lemon tea was just what I needed. It’s a light tea in color and taste.

Cream would have curdled in it so I just stuck with sugar.

I forgot my laptop charger at home. My laptop was at 78% and was at 60% by the end of the write-in so it was nothing to worry about. I didn’t connect to wifi (I don’t think they have it anyway) so I was able to stay on task the whole time. I’d been up all day running errands so there were some moments of writing half asleep while you have no idea what you’re writing, but going back the words were surprisingly coherent.

You get tea by the pot so I’d had about 4 cups of tea. And when the first pot was empty, the owner went around refilling everyone’s hot water, and I got another 3 cups in before I headed home.

To properly steep the tea, they give you a little sand timer with your pot of tea. Since I had lemongrass, I got a 7 minute timer and I used it for a couple personal word sprints.

All of last year it never occurred to me to use the timer for sprints! But to be fair, I didn’t do any word sprints at last year’s T+R write-ins.

I think I moved once the whole time I was there to go to the bathroom, and aside from that it was just write write write. I got over 2000 words in two hours and I’m gonna go for a higher count next week. Maybe show up on time, possibly early. Though, I reserve the right to be late and not feel guilty about it. But it was pretty packed. I may have to show up early to ensure I get a seat next week.

Write on, wrimos!