Let’s Talk About That Quote I Hate

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t- you’re right.”

-Henry Ford


Okay. You know what? My beef isn’t even with Henry Ford here. It’s with everyone who keeps quoting him!

Look, I get it. It’s inspiring, this is a thing that car guy said! It tells you that your limitations are only what you allow!

I get how it inspires you not to limit yourself and go bigger, go bolder, and push your boundaries until you succeed!

But. Y’all. Need. To. Stop.

Specifically, stop preaching it to others who are well aware of their limitations.

Limitations exists. We are not gods.

Expanding limitations is important. But to expand them, you probably need to know them first.

Now, I’m gonna have to focus on work and workload examples because if I don’t, people with a lot of exercise related stories are gonna come out of the woodwork, and I’m not talking about that, that’s a whole other blog post.

My greatest work failures, I’m talking the ones that kept me up at night years later, were not due to incompetence or even hubris.

They came when I was given work I knew how to do, I was willing to do, and I was unable to do under those specific circumstances.

One failure came when I was given a deadline it was impossible for me to complete, others had completed such work in less time, it was work I knew how to do, but I was incapable of completing the work in such a short time.

Another failure came when I was working with materials I had worked with before, I was making a project I had made before, but my skill level was not high enough to mold the material as needed.

Both times, I was well within my comfort zone, I was given projects that seemed wholly possible, and instructions that for most people, should have been quite generous, but they weren’t generous for me.

They pushed me to my limits and then preceded to push me down. I thought I could and I was wrong. So wrong.

And do you realize how many times I go into a situation assuming I’m gonna fail miserably, only to be pleasantly surprised and relieved at my success?

All I’m saying is if you think you can or you think you can’t, the only thing you’re right about is that you are in fact thinking it.

Whether or not you can or can’t can only be proven in the doing of it.

So I say go do it or don’t. Just don’t let people badger you into it because they think the limit’s all in your head.

Sometimes you know your limits, and sometimes you’ll want to try anyway.


My “Start as You Are” Approach

Hello all!

If you are reading this around the time I post it, you will notice how my blog’s site is nowhere near finished.

If you are reading it in a few weeks… it’s probably still not up to par.

But that’s okay, because not only am I well aware of it, it’s also part of my plan.

My plan is essentially to start now. Now. Not later when the site looks good, not later when the site still looks like crap but at least all my info sections are filled out. Now.

This is not only necessary for me but kind of difficult for me. So that’s how I know it’s a good idea, in this particular case.

You see, I LOVE customizing webpages. It is so much fun. That’s a huge reason why Tumblr has held me in it’s grasp for so many years. I can spend hours a day tweaking minute details and options to get it looking as close to perfect as I want.

And as much as I know I’ll enjoy tweaking this blog as well, I need to start on the writing. Because that’s why I’m here. Yes, I want the site to look good, and yes, it needs to look professional and put together if I ever want some good to come from it.

But it also needs to have posts if I want some good to come from it, it has to have content.

And if I want that content to be anywhere near as engaging and excellent and all around not terrible as I want it to? I need to start as soon as possible. And in this case, as soon as possible is now.

Now before the site’s done

Now before I’ve spent hours of fun tweaking it to look just right.

Now before I’d be comfortable with anyone seeing it. Because to be honest, now’s when people are most likely not gonna see it.

So I’m starting now.